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The Security Advisor forum offers you an opportunity to debate some of the biggest topics currently affecting the security industry, get great advice from already established operators, network or develop yourself by improving your awareness of the industry.

Let's try and keep it professional, everyone needs to start somewhere and there is rarely just one view or opinion that is right. Ultimately we are all meant to be level headed operators able to exercise good judgement, operate within the realms of equality and diversity whilst at the same time not taking ourselves too serious.

ArmourAgent.com: Connecting Highly-Trained Security Industry Professionals with Employers Looking to Hire the Very Best!

ArmourAgent.com: Connecting Highly-Trained Security Industry Professionals with Employers Looking to Hire the Very Best!

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Do you need a degree level qualification to work in security management?

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It doesn't matter what industry forum you go on, they all talk about falling standards, cheaper courses and a saturated employment market.

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