How to use social media to find employment

Social media plays an active part in most people's lives. It is becoming an ever more important tool in helping people find employment. Companies like G4S actively use Twitter to advertise jobs, there is a myriad of facebook groups based around employment in the security industry and LinkedIn provides a professional insight into current trends in recruitment. Therefore you have to make sure that you are social media savvy, your various profiles are up to date and displaying the correct information.

If you are using social media sites to find work then you may have to sacrifice what might be the more social side of social media. Companies will use your profiles to find out information about you. Therefore it makes sense that to gain employment in the security industry you might expect someone to have used the privacy settings on their account. In addition, it is always worth removing the geo-tagging from your posts, which is documenting the locations you are posting from.

Copious amounts of pictures detailing you and your friends in fancy dress whilst drunk may not be the best approach for your facebook profile. Likewise, what is written on your wall by you or others should not cause offence to anyone. Why not create a personal and a business account so you can keep them separate.

LinkedIn can be a great tool and your profile is in effect your e-CV. Therefore you should spend time on it to ensure it is absolute faultless as you have with your written CV. When you are establishing your network of contacts, make sure they are relevant to the roles you will be applying for. There is a whole host of information out there on LinkedIn for you to view such as company updates, industry hot topics, training course advertisements and of course current vacancies that you may find useful in gaining employment.

By using Twitter you can follow those people or companies that work in the security industry. You become part of the lives of those you follow, and therefore by providing meaningful tweets can introduce yourself in an informal but professional manner. With only 140 characters to use, it can be used as a platform to refer people to a blog you may have published or to your LinkedIn profile. Work hard to build your network, join discussions, follow users that work in the area of protective security you are interested in and build your Twitter following. It's a good idea to keep on top of your Twitter though as it can quickly escalate with users re-tweeting what you say, I recently gained 13,000 followers overnight thanks to some great publicity.

Social media is here to stay and will become ever more prevalent in recruitment and employment so it's important to understand how to fully utilise it before you need to.


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