My experience trying to enter this career,

I’ve always wanted to do close protection since the year 2000, I left the forces in 2001 to donate a kidney to my older brother then had to take care of my mother and brother while my mother was dying of cancer.

after all this had passed I decided to start my career in CP starting with claiming my resettlement through the MOD, the MOD refused to give me my resettlement due to being out of time with my claim even though I had previously been told by the resettlement officer due to my circumstances I could claim it at anytime. hurdle no 1 find finances I tried every field I could think of SSAFA, British legion, Job centre, career development loans couldn’t get the funds from anywhere. I decided to remortgage my house to gain the cash i needed for my course and completed it in 2012, (Finally)

after 8 months of networking and applying for work in Iraq a friend asked a favour and got my a job offer in the oil fields finally I was set could not wait I quit my job got in to training to get myself fit and up to speed with local knowledge on Iraq and oilfield work by researching websites and speaking to friends in the same roles. after 3 months of training and researching and map gathering of the areas I was finally ready to go, then the company went dead no date came through my contact went quiet then got deleted off Skype by the company no explanation no details nothing. I was now in shit no job house emptied out no money and a mortgage to pay. after a month or two i found out that they had had problems with getting access for new operatives visa applications where getting rejected finally an answer to what was going on a year later I’m still trying to get work anywhere Iraq Afghanistan Africa south America during this time I’ve heard of people getting work who spent most of their career pushing pens or running around a gym with no disrespect intended but seems the industry is more to do with who you know rather what you know.

after researching who i maybe not be able to find work seems to boil down to the possibility to two things 1 it's who you know and 2 I’ve not been to Iraq in the last 2 years,

In my opinion is silly because when ever in the history of the world has anyone ever gone to war and said oh hold on I’ve not been there yet let me go over for a 2 two experience trip first? no one that's what we do we go to the most extreme places in world and plan adapt and overcome.

To all of you that are already in the industry good luck to you all and hope you come home safe.


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