Loss prevention

Going back to my roots so I'm up for interview for a job as a loss prevention officer at a major clothes retailer here in N.Ireland, had my telephone interview last week and passed so now I'm having my face to face interview tomorrow, so I'm just running this through my head and running this by you to see if I've missed anything and hopefully get some constructive criticism...

What is loss prevention?
It's the concept of establishing procedures and practices to prevent the loss of inventory or monies in a retail environment.

How do losses occur?
Number one staff (internal), and in my experience it is the major one - simply taking money from the till, taking goods, collusion with their friends to utilise staff discounts, look for a staff member who consistently has refunds voids or discounts on their till roll, if a customer buys an item and then the staff member voids the transaction the store loses twice, the cost of the item and the item itself, double dip as it were.

Number two (external) shoplifters, burglaries, break ins, self explanitory, make sure the staff are vigilant to these things. look out for empty coat hangers, empty containers etc.

Number three (errors) paperwork, innacurate counting, not checking shipments correctly, improper discounting...

What to look for?
People hanging around for too long, people who just want to deal with a certain member of staff, cash drawer never balances up or down, certain employees have a high number of refunds etc etc...

I'm just going through this in my head so if anyone cares to add to the questions please feel free, I haven't had an interview in years and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening to my rant.


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