Thinkers, Shooters?

For some time now Close Protection in Hostile Enviroments has attracted ex forces for obvious reasons. They are generally well trained, before doing a CP course, in weapons, team work etc..

Lately the tide seems to be turning slightly, in that employers or the client are looking for individuals who are thinkers as well as shooters. Risk Management has always been there, and the operatives have always been thinkers, but more emphasis is being placed on it. ISO31000 (Risk Management) it would seem fits the bill as the qualification to have along side your CP and FPOS-I qualifications.

It's not a bad situation to be in as this allows the industry to become even more professional. Some individuals wil opt to gain this qualification as it is personal development and some individuals will not, we all know its a matter of choice but remember the Close Protection Industry currently has more Operatives than jobs.


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