A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.............

Well, not exactly in another galaxy.........but it was a long time ago!

I began my Security career working in South Yorkshire for a Company which was formed on the back of the Miners Strikes - I worked on many assignments, long hours, very little pay - I recall being paid £1.60ph - raising to £1.65ph if I was not off sick for a Month. I wanted to mention the worst place I worked which was protecting a disused Mine, lots of copper + lots of metal = lots of travellers! They used to ride on site 2 up on motorbikes with shotguns strapped to the handlebars and advise me they were here to take the metal. Now is probably a good time to mention I had no mobile phone, I had no radio, I had no electric so getting in thier way was not an option. I was young(ish) I was new to the game and I was scared. I now operate my own consultancy and hold down a full time Security Management position working in a World famous and immediately recognisable area.

I guess this a message to the ones who are new or to the ones who feel like times are tough right now - hang in there, this industry can be rewarding, it just takes time.

All the Best



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