3 Year Career Action Plans

It is essential that you plan your career in the security industry, setting yourself an ultimate goal and outlining how you are going to go about achieving this. This can be something specific such as being a security consultant or close protection team leader. It is important to understand where you are currently in your career, and In order to achieve your ultimate goal what it is you have to do to reach it.

Example: Current Position - Close Protection Operator

Ultimate Goal - Security Consultant

Aims in order to achieve the ultimate goal: - Start studying a Security Consultancy Degree - Promote to Team 2IC - Improve written report and briefing skills - Promote to Team Leader - Establish a mentor who currently works in security consultancy - Deputise for the Operations Manager - Study PRINCE 2

You would set these aims against a time scale and also note any resources such as money that you need, or support required from a mentor or someone in your network for example.

The three year plan is a great tool to help guide you through your career, however there will be obstacles in your way such as changes to lifestyle, money and time. The plan should be a live document, a continuous work in progress, one that you keep adjusting and adapting to your current personal situation. Don't be adverse to advancing your career outside of your three year plan or putting it on hold if you have a baby for example. Just adjust your ultimate goal and your timeline before working towards it all over again using the same structured process that you implemented in the first place.


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