The Security Advisor Top Ten Video Conference Interview Tips

Using Skype and FaceTime is becoming more common during the first stages of the interview process. This is especially the case in the security industry where there might be a fast ball task and an employer uses this means to vet a potential operator prior to putting them on task. Or when there are high volumes of candidates for a job, as there normally are in this industry, instead of making them attend a head office by using this process it can cut down on time and cost in order to short list candidates for a face to face interview.

Here are The Security Advisor top ten video conference interview tips:

1. Try a practice interview first to make sure you feel comfortable using the video conference format and you know what to expect.

2. Ensure you set up your video conference before the interview starts and do a test call with someone prior to it commencing.

3. If you are using a camera phone then place it in one location rather than hold it and have it moving around.

4. Make sure that you have a neutral background, preferably a painted wall or plain wall paper, but if that's not possible then ensure there's nothing in the picture that could cause offence.

5. Check when arranging the interview what dress standard is expected as they're normally a little more informal.

6. You will have researched the role and employer so you can also strategically place your notes in view to prompt you during the interview without the interviewer knowing.

7. Use your own Skype or FaceTime account so your first introduction is you and not a random picture of a family member.

8. Look directly at the camera and try to sit still like you would In a normal interview.

9. If you're going to drink from a mug then make sure it's plain and not a humorous one which might distract the interviewer.

10. Ensure background noise is kept to a minimum so don't have dish washers on, have someone vacuuming near by or children in the same room.


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