Working as a Close Protection Operative – CPO

The Security Industry Authority state that the role of the Close Protection Officer is to establish and maintain a safe working environment in which a Principal can live and work whilst continuously minimising risk.

Working as a Close Protection Operative, otherwise known as a CPO, or bodyguard to the man on the street, will often include the protection of high profile clients, increased global travel and an introduction to some of the finest things money can buy. The Role of Close Protection encompasses ALL aspects of protective measures that work in concert; physical and technical, combined with constant thorough planning and a sound operation to negate / minimise risk of threats to kill, injure, or harm another in any way. It's not necasarily a glamorous job and although it's a profession that's made its way onto the Hollywood screens countless times, the reality can be somewhat different. However if you work hard there are some high salaries to be made. It is a fast paced environment that is often associated with “not what you know but who you know”. Job title is vanity, work is sanity and reputation is reality. Reputation within the Security Industry will be the deciding factor that leads to employment for most, and you will only ever be as good as your last job.



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