New to CP but not the Security industry

After some ten or more years within the Security industry with a background in Aviation and Door supervisor licensed roles and a spell as management at the 2012 Olympics I have recently decided to enrol in a Close Protection course. Any security operative you ask who is already working the circuit will tell you that the market is saturated with operatives and you will be wasting your money as you won’t get employed due to X amount of Ex-service men and woman leaving the Military and they will be the first choice before a civi with a security background although I agree to a point on this word of advice but on the other hand this is not the Military this is a Civilian industry of course when It comes to HE CP tasks they should be the first choice but there is UK based VIP/Executive tasks which is open season for us all andthe best man/woman should be chosen for the job. My opinion is it’s not what you know it’s who you know and what you know when it comes to finding tasks, networking is key the more contacts you can make the more you can help each other out.. well I hope this is how it will work.. Here’s to a new chapter of my life and I would encourage any civi to follow your dreams and go for it..

team together everyone achieves more



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