International affairs, your employment and being personable in executive protection

It is important that as a security operator you understand the theory behind the role in which you are employed. That way you can ensure how you operate is adapted to the changing situation, threat level or country you are working in. Equally important through is that you have an understanding of political and economical world affairs as these have a direct impact on the security situation internationally and therefore your employment. It will aid you in ensuring you are trained appropriately to work in the next area of the globe to see sustained conflict or to start learning a language in order to communicate in that region. By staying abreast of international affairs you may identify the next conflict region before it happens, therefore staying ahead of your peers in spotting employment opportunities. It is also important to converse at a level with your principle in which they can relate to. So in addition to having an understanding of international affairs it is important to have knowledge on health, the environment, the arts, theatre, literature, food, prominent people, science, music and travel. Importantly you should be balanced in your views and ensure they don't cause offence to those around you.


James Willcock at 4:10pm on 27th December 2016

Wise words Tom and as usual well written, theae are the fundamental things that let people down when looking for employment. 

Kenneth Ebrahim at 10:16pm on 15th January 2017

Good article. Thanks for the insight 

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