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I came into this industry a few years ago, having completed all the mandatory courses that were required for us to do, to date they are.

SSO, PFSO. FCC, CVVSA, SRM, AND MSO, and maybe a few more, will have to go through the vast collection of certs?

Having being in this job during the so called golden days!!! I have seen many changes. from wages, courses, clients and team manning.

Also have done a bit inthe Ops room to see that part of life as well, (not for me).

Some say the changes are the wrong way to go, and its not worth coming into the industry now, (although now is the easiest time to get into the maritime industry. Now a days i find it quite a task on board vessel, as a team leader, amongst all the paper work iso 28007 bought along with it, there is the team trg to conduct ( which is not a issue of mine) briefings and advisor to the Captain and keeping myself alert for another trouble free transit, (2 years now and seen nothing). The part i dislike is the floating armouries, these are floating cash machines, and will fill their ships to the point of no beds, people sleeping on anything and where they are a disaster waiting to happen, oh and the moaning that goes on breaks me, the same old wages are no good, looking for something else, but i see these guys evey time i go out on the waters, ( makes me chuckle). I say to anyone, yes the wages have come down, but still try to get that money in your home town, and tax free if you qualify. Yes it's long periods of time away from home and your quality of life comes down, but you meet some great guys, and they all come from the same background so the banter is great. I have stayed with my company EOS RISK as i felt loyalty is a good thing, they have stood by me, and we have a old regimental team who work the office in total 10 from the same regiment working together.


Fikret Grabcanovic at 9:11am on 21st November 2015

Dear Sir,
I support Your opinion. The worst part of our job are places we call "floating armory" - I visited them a lot, and some of them do not meet even the minimum of human needs. A couple of days I slept on deck in company of three Greeks and one Briton - and owner of "F.A". get 60usd by day per person -what nonsense. 
The company I work for is very good (ESCGS) and the people in it are more than correct - it is possible to contact anyone, at any time and very quickly you will get respond. Complete professionals with excellent logistics.
Unfortunately - they have no impact on situation that we experience on these "floating armory".

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