After interviewing for security positions this week here's some more great tips from The Security Advisor.

1. If you are interviewing for a corporate role don't turn up like you are dressed for a wedding with a shiny tie and spiked hair. Do a recce of the head office location prior to the interview if possible and gauge the standard of dress at the company.

2. You've got to retain eye contact with the interviewers, staring down or at the wall doesn't give a great image of you being a good communicator.

3. If you want to use notes, it's not great but it's not a show stopper, however have the pages marked instead of having to flick through a book to find your prepared information.

4. If you've been employed in one role for a long time, for example in the Army or Police, don't use acronyms and abbreviations that not everyone in the interview will understand.

5. A handshake has got to engage the interviewer as it will be one of their first impressions of you. It should be firm and with eye to eye contact, don't be embarrassed to practice it!

The Security Advisor has one of the most comprehensive guides to interviewing available anywhere on the internet but all tailored to the security industry, invest some time in yourself at


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