Becoming disillusioned with the security industry!

After 15years involvement in the security industry, I decided to undertake in full time education, I recently gained a FDA in Security management and a BTEC level 5 Diploma in Security Management and I'm in the last year of a BA in Security and risk management. Great stuff! Education, professional qualifications and vast experience of operational management within the private sector, easy you would think, but nope. Having started job hunting for a full time management position within the security industry for the past 12months, I have yet to be successful, with the only offer of interview or work being working for a minimum wage in a manned guarding position which I could of got without spending 15k on education. I really am quickly becoming miffed and greatly disillusioned with the industry.


Tom Richmond at 5:16pm on 29th December 2015

Hi Paul,

How are you getting on, have you used the CV and employment advice on the site?


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