The security guarding side of things

Being a security officer never seems to change its the same thing day in day out and it appears to be getting worse no disrespect to anyone who got there license for the Glasgow commonwealth games 2014 but these guys and girls appear to be disillusioned by what the security industry is actually like I don't know if this happens to be the training that they received or if it was an idealistic view due to the experiences from the games but they seem to expect that being in the security sector means an easy days work with days off when you choose and hours to suit them but that's not the case and I think some of them are starting to realise that the security sector is not an easy day or a day off as I've heard it refered too and I know I'm being harsh not all of the guys are like that but they have given themselves a bad name or there training has or maybe it's just me that thinks this


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