Throughout my career to-date in the protective industry (RMP CP 2004-2012 and private sector since) I have been fortunate and driven to gain such qualifications as CTLLS, Conflict Management Instructor, L3 BTEC Protective Security, FPOS-I, Security Management & Consultancy...and immediately you are thinking "yeh, so...a lot of people have" and that is my exact point. What makes you stand out from the rest? Is it how your CV is presented? How your CV reads? Or is it a qualification or 2 that stand out? I am currently studying PRINCE2 and CPP (ASIS) in the quest for an improved CV as, even though I am fortunate enough to be on a good and different contract to the usual Iraq/Afghan rotation, I am looking towards the future and aiming to move into the corporate sector (UK) in time. My first CV was written well by Tom at SecurityCV...thanks Tom...and I have simply added to it since. It was well received by HR departments and I have had only positive feedback from it. I haven't been out of work infact...but is that solely due to my CV? I think not. Yes I would say that your CV gets you over the first hurdle of the paper sift, but then you should always follow up with a call and attempt to get a POC to "pester" from thereonin. So what gets you over the next hurdle of making the interview stage? Qualifications and experience to meet the needs of the job/vacancy on offer, that's what. Something that stands out vs exactly what is listed as essential requirements on the job description...what is better? Arguably you have to meet the requirements first...even if you know someone who has put a word in for you... In time, how do you move up the ladder? Some circles say that medical quals are the way ahead...some circles say that those who can't do, teach (not the case here lol)...some circles say a degree is the only way to climb the ladder... Personally I believe it is a case of a mixture of it all. I am studying so that I have the PM side of things covered, I already have Sy Mgmt on the CV...I am studying for a US qual (CPP) that colleagues have advised on due to it helping them in the corporate market already...and I intend to study for a degree after that (time/patience permitting). I am not interested in the medical side of things so that is not for me. However, just a point to note, over recent months there have been more Team Member/Medic jobs going than just operator jobs with a view to those having MIRA or higher quals...just food for thought. Whichever your belief on quals, you cannot deny their use on your CV. I look forward to peoples' input. Stay safe wherever you are.


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