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I'm new the industry having only got my CP licence back in May 2014. So far I have been really lucky and have been working since my licence came through, but I've picked up a few things along the way which I though I'd share:

  • It really is all about networking. You will rarely get a job by sending off your CV or applying via an advert. Get help from your training provider, people you met on your course, and anyone else you can. Ive not read it yet, but there's a book that's received good reviews so far called 'Networking in the Security Industry' by Jordan Wylie.
  • Help people out. If you hear about work, let your contacts know.
  • Keep yourself fit.
  • Do every job to the best of your ability. If you don't like a job, then don't do it, or keep quiet about it.
  • Be versatile. Try and get experience in different roles, they are all just as important as each other.
  • Build relationships with all staff, not just the security team (drivers, PA's, cleaners etc). Much better to work as a team then in silo's.
  • Do some research on companies that you are looking to work for. Check that they are legitimate via Companies House.
  • If you are working directly for an individual as opposed to a security company/recruiter, check up on their history. You can check if someone has a licence via the SIA website. It's worth doing your homework but ultimately, if you get the feeling that something isnt right, it usually isn't.
  • Finally, there are some disollusioned people out there but try not to take too much notice....

I know it's all basic stuff, but it's always good to start off with the basics! I think its a lot about luck and also personality, but keep at it.


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