Beating the trend

After 6 years with the Royal Military Police and numerous Close Protection tours, I made the decision at a younger than normal age to leave the military and pursue a career in the security industry. Over the past two years since leaving the RMP, I have been in constant employment as a CP Operator in Afghanistan. I have taken it upon myself, (due to my young age for the industry) to begin ascertaining as many relevant qualifications as possible, to better my chances of rising above my peers in an ever competitive industry. Currently many people would say my young age is against me and I have been told this on numerous occasions in particular leading up to when I first left the RMP, so far I have proven many people wrong, gaining and maintaining good employment. Thus far I have attained, SIA Licence CP frontline FPOSi Which are both now relatively generic quals for the hostile industry granted. But to better develop my career and employability I have also studied: - St Andrews University Certificate in Terrorism Studies - I am currently completing the Security Institutes Security Management Diploma and upon completion will apply for full membership (MSyI) within the next 8 weeks. - Currently enrolled on the Phoenix - IOSH Managing Safely course And hopefully moving onto a guard supervisor / ops room managers position within the coming months. This in general is a brief insight into my career thus far, but most importantly shows that age or any individual hurdle, although initially warned, can be overcome and if your thirst to succeed and develop your career is there, then anything is possible. Many thanks


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