Army to Civilan contractor

I left the Army after completing 8yrs within the RMP. I have been in the security industry now for just over 3yrs. So far, the industry has been ok to me and I have been fortunate enough to have had consistent employment. For anyone just leaving the Military or thinking about leaving to get into this industry I would say go for it. Initially there is a panic and I remember that all too well. As a married man with 2 young children, I am the only earner in the household. Not because my other half is lazy (well....maybe a bit!) but we felt it was important for at least one of us to spend time with our children. Anyway, the point is it can feel very stressful at times worrying about keeping everything going and supporting your family, so the transition from the security of Army employment to Civilian (more so now with the economic crisis) can seem very daunting. But once you are sorted into employment the job offers a very rewarding home life. In short, try not to panic and worry to much. Ensure that you use your resettlement wisely and educate yourself before leaving. Try not to over focus yourself on security related courses. The previous 10yrs would have provided you with all the experience you need for work in this industry. My advice would be to try and gain a skill in a role that you could do if you ever fell on difficult times and needed some employment at home. Or even if you decided to take some time off from the security industry and wanted to be at home for a while. To be clear I haven't actually done any of that but if I could have my resettlement time again I definitely would have!!


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