Career in Law Enforcement.

I started my career in Law Enforcement in 2009, prior to that I worked at a Kitchen Cabinet manufacturing plant as a Department Manager.

One of the pre requirements to joining the Correctional Service of Canada was "you need a degree".. OR you must have alot of life experience with various language skills.

I have no degree and to be honest I did'nt even finish High School. The only reason for that was because I wanted to start working and making money. Which I did. My fam and I moved to Portugal from Africa when I was 17 years old. I found a job on a Cruise Ship at the age of 18 and literally cruised the world; learnt a third language: Spanish and moved to Canada. I had to optain my GED which is equivalent to high school in Canada; to get a Federal Job in Law Enforcement and did so.

With my cultural experiences and languages I had no problems in finding a job with the Fed's. Currently all my co-workers have degree's and a few of them actually have Masters Degree's. I do believe in education and don't discredit it from anyone. But I also believe in the good old school of "Hard Knock's" ;)

I've noticed most of our Correctional Managers have degree's but have no people skills. Lack in communication and are just bad leaders. But there are some with prior military experience that don't have degree's but have been through hell and back that I would follow any day. These are the type of men I would want to follow and learn from. In Law Enforcement its very important as a leader that you go through the rank's and prove yourself in the uniform before you "actually" gain our respect!


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