How to write a cover e-mail

Your cover letter, or cover e-mail as it has now become, should be a high level summary of your whole CV and must be tailored, like your CV, to the role you are applying for. The cover letter is your introduction to a company or recruiter and in order for them to go on and read your accompanying, or attached, CV in detail, you have to show you have the prerequisites they require for the job you are applying for.

For the recent Maritime Job Opportunities advertised on The Security Advisor facebook page the standard of cover e-mail could be improved upon. The following were the prerequisites required by the job description: - SSO - ENG1 - Clean military or police conduct with honourable discharge - Recent military or armed police experience - Relevant and recent weapons experience, M16 variants or similar - Clean CRB - British passport - Based in the UK.

Therefore the cover e-mail should have looked similar to this and outlined everything required by the job description:

In the e-mail title: THE SECURITY ADVISOR MARITIME JOB OPPORTUNITIES If you use capital letters your e-mail will stand out from all the other e-mails in the inbox, and for this CV request there were around sixty in total.

The e-mail text should have looked similar to this: FAO Tom Richmond, I am writing to you with regard to applying for the maritime job opportunities of which i found on The Security Advisor facebook page. Please find attached my CV.

I am interested in applying for the maritime job opportunities as i have the necessary attributes, skills and experiences to successfully fulfil the position as you can see from my CV.

I am a maritime security operator currently working as a team leader with REDfourMSS in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden and Mozambique Channel. Prior to this i worked as team leader for Spirit Security Services off the West Coast of Africa. Before working in maritime security i served with The Royal Marines Commando completing operational tours of Bosnia, Iraq and transits in the Gulf of Oman and Mediterranean.

I left the military with an honourable discharge. I have the required SSO and weapons competency qualifications, a clean CRB, British passport and i'm based in the UK. I'm available to interview immediately and can deploy with one weeks notice.


Tom Richmond

+44 7939532683

You can see from the cover e-mail above it outlines everything required in the job description and therefore the reader knows without even reading your CV it can be short listed for the client. Remember for every role you apply for, your CV and cover letter must be tailored accordingly.


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