Where Is Your Line In The Sand?

As this industry becomes even more demanding on us fortunate enough to be within it's grasp it is, as we are all aware by now, becoming more and more common for us to be asked to do more for less. Whether it be more weeks on rotation for the same money, or as is being seen more often now, for less money...more hours within our day (obviously without the illusive overtime pay)...working in unhospitable environments for longer time periods and less money than those in some corporate environments...or more "menial" tasks that deviate away from the stereotypical role of CP/EP/IBG or whatever the word/phrase of the day may be.

When is enough enough? Where is your line in the sand? When do you think "ok, time to move on"?

I remember my CP course instructors saying "you're not there to carry bags, you are the BG"...how times have changed! If you are naive enough to think that this is still the case (pardon the pun) then more fool you. Should you find yourself in the position of being with a client/principal whilst shopping etc and refuse to do just that then be assured there are 100 others waiting to take your place...and money...who will do. Ok, so this obviously relates to the corporate environment rather than HE, but you can cross-deck the situation easily to suit. i have been in HECP and asked to do just that...my response was "of course". You can still respond effectively and may even blend in more, looking less like the stereotypical BG.

I have a friend who has worked within the HNWI arena who chopped wood, worked all hours, was the complete security package and for what? Hardly any thanks, certainly no extra pay and no recognition as to the efforts made for that individual and their family's security/peace of mind...but what he did have was job security, some perks/benefits (such as accom thrown in, use of vehicles etc) and within an environment where he wasn't checking routes for signs of IEDs etc. There was always a "line in the sand" however, and when reached a moral switch was triggered and he moved on. This wasn't immediate, there were attempts at negotiation towards comprise obviosuly, but it was not meant to be.

There will NEVER be an industry "SOP" regarding what type of work will be undertaken by those within it. It will NEVER be that we as a collective "down tools" and say we will not work for less than £/$ xxx...as much as those would be welcome...because there is ALWAYS someone willing to do it just to get their foot in the door before moving on. It is called the circuit for a reason afterall!!

In my mind you HAVE to set yourself a "line in the sand"...or moral line at least...before you find yourself not enjoying your work/career and then wondering what you are going to do next.

So ask yourself...where is your line in the sand?


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