Social Networking and False Advertising (LinkedIn)

For a period of time now I have been intrigued by the terminology by which guys on the circuit or within the industry in general are describing their professional positions. Many I would say describe their roles correctly, ie CP Operative, Security Manager, Security Advisor and so on….

The one grey area which I feel needs some clarification is the term Security Consultant. Where I know a number of companies out there, mainly in more warmer / sandy of climes like to call their operators consultants; are these guys really such?

Having ventured to the sand pit after completing my service, I like many was a CP / PSD operator before moving on to an Ops Management role. From there I was lucky enough to be offered a job in Indonesia as a security consultant, a role which rarely exists to the same degree elsewhere, even the in ME. I also completed a security consultant’s course for my resettlement on which I have previously commented on.

Where I do not wish in particularly to argue over the definition of ‘consultant’ a term which many would say they do fall under in their current employment either as a CP operative or similar role, can I ask when you as a CP operator conducted on a regular basis a: Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, Security Plan, Due Diligence, Corporate Investigations, Designed and implemented a Security Management System?

The reason behind this blog is straight forward, as I have been recently looking for a possible candidate for employment I have been unable to find such a candidate due to each Security Consultant which I search is working as CP operator and many without the necessary skills which I am looking for, with that in mind you may have to ask yourself, “Am I false advertising?”

I may not be the only employer looking for guys to fill roles out there.


Steve Ward at 1:45pm on 14th April 2017

Consultant is a term  very over used in my opinion and I feel your frustrations in this one.  A CP operator and team leader of course are experts in their particular field and I would of course 'consult' with them if they were being hired for a job. Though I would not place that in the same bracket as a security consultant from a company who has written detailed reports as part of a commercial tender/bid. I personally  didn't go down the CP  route, for a couple of reasons the first  being that my knees are quite literally f@cked and the second being that  I didn't see any longevity in that particular role I also realised that career paths on the outside were not necessarily as linear as they were on the military. So much like yourself I embarked on Security Management and Consultancy Courses. 

However  are you instantly a consultant after completing your course work? Probably not and in some cases it may well take a while to get the opportunities to get to use your qualifications. I know a few lads who have done consultants and managerial courses and are still at the CP end of the market  as they cant get the break to get onto that part of the ladder. I've been lucky I'm in a job where I use my skills and like you I'm based in Asia.  I don't think you are false advertising very far from it, but would you be prepared to take someone one with the quals (in security and risk management)  but with no experience?? Or is a seasoned consultant what you are after? Both have their pros and cons. I'm in Jakarta a couple of times each year as the company I work for has an office there, give me a shout and we have chat over a brew.

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