Females In the CP World

After serving 15 years in the military with the Royal Signals and finishing off the REME as a mechanic. I was told there was a niche in the market for females in the hostile environment. So I chose to make the big decision of signing off and getting out into the big bad world.

Luckily enough I had friends in the cirucit who helped me with my CV and pushing it towards the right people. I ended up interviewing with G4S for Afghanistan and Garda World in Iraq. I chose G4S mailny because I was told by Garda World Im only employing as your female!! So decision made I packed my bags and in March 2012 days after leaving the Army I was in Kabul.

I found G4S to be a brilliant starting block for any CPO new to the circuit I learnt a lot from my TL and went on plenty of Province trips I noticed to that many more females were approaching me on socila media sites asking for my help, so I knew that I had got out in the right time and found myself a very good job.

9 months down the line I found out about another contract that was just starting to take on females so I looked into it and saw that it was a better rotation (who doesnt jump ship when the offer is better) And luckily enough they thought I was good enough to come across and be one of the first females on contract.

Now 19 months down the line Im looking at having a break, since leaving the army and coming straight out here theres not been much me time!! especially when youre home and have everyone to see... So now Im leaving Kabul maybe not for good, the one thing I am nervous about though is that there are a lot more females trying to get out on the circuit and with so few contracts having females on them Im wondering if I have made the right descision.....only the future can tell.


So the decision to leave Afghan was the right one, I took 6 months out and travelled a bit round Asia and fell into a job with Garda World in Tripoli, Libya in June 2014. What a contract that was (Libya could be the next Dubai) I had a brilliant team around me which made the job easier. Just such a shame everything went wrong and we ended up evacuating British personnel and diplomats from there. After an epic drive across Libya and Tunisia we arrived at the Embassy in Tunis and that was it job done, contract put on hold indefinitely. So back to the UK once again worrying about will we get back out there or will I find another job. 

Luckily for me I have some really good friends out in the security world who put me onto someone within days of being home and within 3 weeks I was out in India looking after a family. A lot different to the Hostile environment. That was September 2014 and now after completeling just under a year Im off again looking for that next challenege lets hope Im lucky once again and I will find a job.....



Tom Richmond at 2:55pm on 12th August 2015

Hi Paivi,

Thanks for the update, if you have a pictrue of you on task you can upload it to go with the blog.


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