I PERSONALY THINK THE Idea of the SIA is a good one, it has cleaned up the industry, brought everyone in line so we all should be singing from the same song sheet no matter what badge you have, the industry needed this I thought about Door Work when I came out of the Army but did not like what I saw, there was too many thugs out there all they wanted was to fight or F**k on a Friday / Saturday night, I didn't want to be a part of this (having said this there were many out there doing a very good job) the only thing I am sorry about is the government, firstly pulling their quango out, and secondly passing everything over to the taxman, I know we all have to pay tax but it seems like they run the SIA, I think the Government should let the industry rule itself with guidance,

The government uses the SIA and promote us to other countries for sport, events, concerts, and offer the example set by them in cleaning up and quantifying the industry, but just stop punishing us with taxies this new Business Licensing what??? I was at the Close Protection world event on the 22/11/2013 and sat in on the talk from the SIA, it was all about how the government told us to do, and the tax man is setting the money, it makes me wonder who came up with the thought of it,


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