My views and experience

My view on the security industry is one of mixed feelings.ive been in the game for 20+ years and over the last few years have seen a rise in jacket fillers working in all aspects of security from retail to Doorwork To CPO's..........I know I'm not alone on this,it's all to easy for Fred from "Icelands" to now become a Doorman or a CPO,.sometimes I feel the loss of Quality is now being over ruled by money.

i did my CPO course in May 2013,since then have worked for Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd for three months and a little (RST) work for Microsoft,have more stuff in the pipeline but we all know how "things in the pipeline" can go sometimes so constantly looking for currently working the Doors in Devon where Im Head doorman of 4-5 lads.

i entered the security industry wen I was 17 years old as a Doorman and from there was hooked.i then went on to do retail and became a loss and prevention manager for BHS,the Doorwork was my passion and from the age of 17 till now at 43 have always worked the Doors Which ive been told I do Very next career choice was to become a CPO which I'm hoping over the nxt few years I will do enough of so I can become the best at that job as I am at being a Doorman..I hope some new doors will open for me this year in the CP world as I'm very excited with the new challenges that lay as honest as the day is long and as loyal as they come.i just hope I get that chance to shine.


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