The old chestnut

I left the Army in November last year and I initially tried looking at HSE within the O&G industry. I did my NEBOSH as well as my NEBOSH O&G course, I didn't do any of the odd shore courses as it was round this time I found that no O&G company would touch me without industry experience. This reflected some of the answers I got back from earlier CV's and applications I sent out.

So I decided to go with what I know and started to look towards the circuit. Unfortunately my knees are very messed up with arthritis (thank you 27 years in the infantry!) so there would be no way I would cut it realisticly on a credible course doing CP or HECPO. I plumped for CR's B-TEC L4 Managers course, which I have reviewed on here. I thought the course was informative and pitched at the right level. However I am left with the same conundrum. Industry experience. Although I have years of experience on operations on most applications that I see onmost sites require industry experience for quite a few years in some cases before they will even look at you.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this and I'm sure there are hundreds if not more who are in similar positions, how to break that vicious "experience" circle.


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