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For those of you that don't know me, I'm Visioneer, one of the mods on CPW, and try to advise on what's technically possible, legal, and achievable, on a modest (no) budget. ie: yours. I'm also renowned for sarcasm, short fuse, and other anti-social tendencies. I've supplied kit to almost every Police Force in the UK, most of Europe, and any place else that had money to spend. (I've lost count of 'special projects', ThrustSSC, European Space Station, Grand Prix Cars, Meerkat, Camel, Yacht, Dhow and Bike racing....) Low Light ? Not a problem, your chequebook's big enough, I'll count single photons. Van / Vehicle fits ? My last company motor had a fit costing over £80k, MY car has £800. :) I'm NOT an operational SV expert. Yes, I've done it. (Probably badly), but back then, the terms 'Professional Standards', didn't exactly apply. Unlike most of you, I've no issues with getting my name out there, so little things like PerSec / OpSec are relative before any of you have a heart attack! I figure it's just bad manners / business to start dropping names or slag people / companies off, without giving them due warning, and giving data on hardware that's restricted, or custom built for a client is just not going to happen. As much as I like supplying extremely gucci kit to anybody with a big budget. (Yeah, Right, NOT you lot then. If you happen to have a few £000.00 around, please add me to your firms supplier list), I get just as big a kick from nailing together recycled odds and sods, and fleabay finds, combined with 'back shed' engineering, or telling anybody with a bit of nous, how to do it themselves. If I see good gear out there that'll be of interest, I'll steer you to it, if I think it's crap, or the manufacturers idea of 'covert' leaves a bit to be desired, I'll be letting you know. My expertise is 'video', Not stills equipment, so if you're asking advice on the latest DSLR, I'm the wrong guy. (But a good brand name, and BIG lens, is generally a good place to start.) 'Video' is easy, DON'T be scared of playing with it. Buy it right and the gears cheap. You CAN afford to burn some, literally. Cameras are fleabay, US$15, MDVR's, loose change. Maplins are your friend, even if the staff are spotty teenage nerds. I seem to spend half my working life turning business away, because the tech requirements not realistic, or the buyer just 'smells wrong', but, I'm here to help. Ask questions! If, in your opinion / experience, I'v got it wrong, TELL me, It's how I learn! Regards, Visioneer


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