The Security Advisor Top Ten Cover E-mail Tips

The aim of your cover e-mail is to get the person reading it to go on and read your CV. Here are The Security Advisor top ten cover e-mail tips:

1. Do your research, look at the company website or their social media feeds so you can see what style of writing they use.

2. It should be a high level summary of your CV documenting your most relevant experience and qualifications.

3. Use a formal letter style, easy to read short paragraphs are more appropriate than bullet points.

4. It must be tailored to the job description, highlighting the pre-requisites the company has asked for.

5. You've got to get the readers attention, they should be left in no doubt that you have the experience and qualifications to conduct the role you are applying for.

6. It should be a maximum of one A4 page in length.

7. If you're using a speculative cover e-mail and CV then make sure you at least find out who you should send it to and address it accordingly. You could use LinkedIn to find the most appropriate person in a company to send it to.

8. Keep it simple and easy to read, filling it with buzz words or personal attributes just hides the information the reader really wants which is what was required in the job description.

9. End the cover e-mail by saying you will follow it up with a phone call or when you are available for interview.

10. It goes without saying that your grammar, punctuation and spelling need to be faultless.


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