Trying to get into HECP

I am a 28 years old serving Police officer based in Scotland, looking to get into the HECP circuit. I first looked at doing a close protection course in South America when I was 16, but quickly realised I needed a lot more life experience. Since then I've have had numerous jobs from martial arts instructor, trainee manager, ammunition technician in the British Army and even owned my own sign writing company, throughout this time I've always been interested close protection. My only regret in life was leaving the military with just under 2 years service, which was a decision that appears to be haunting me in my attempts to enter the CP circuit, as almost every company I have spoken to do not hire people without a minimum of 5 years military service. I've spent the past 5 years working as a Police officer, I currently work in the county stations, it doesn't have the high crime rate of city center jobs but it does pose its own unique challenges, like the fact that when your called to a pub brawl you know there is no back up coming, county stations also have the highest number of firearms incidents as large number of people have firearms licences, however the main challenge is the fact that one of the most dangerous road in Scotland runs straight through my beat so dealing with terrible or fatal traffic incidents is a regular occurrence. It was due to being the first person on scene at a number of these traffic incidents that I eventually want got progress within the medical field within CP by gain my EMT-B and eventually EMT-P. During my time in the Police I've specialised in public order, method of entry and been used for a number of high profile events and execution of warrants, I have also had the opportunity to work on major enquiries with the CID and work various events at the London Olympics. I fully intended on going for firearms within the Police and specialising in close protection, however due to Scotland becoming once giant force earlier this year the opportunity to do this has all but disappeared. In March 2013 I went on a close protection course in Iraq as I figured doing my training in a hostile environment would increase my chances of successfully gaining employment within the CP industry. Unfortunately this does not appear to be the case as companies are still requiring a minimum of 5 years military service most wanting a recent tour in the country of deployment or a serving Police firearms officer, due to this I am finding it difficult to get any company to even look at my CV. I have come to the conclusion that I have two options, either leave my current Police job and take adhoc CP jobs within the UK in the hope that I can make some good contacts to gain HECP work or stay within the Police and join the TA while awaiting a firearms position to open up. I am currently looking at the second option and have applied for permission to join the TA. In the mean time I am still applying for various HECP jobs and contacting as many companies as I can think of in the off chance that my CV gets looked at and I can gain employment. Daniela


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