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A Day In The Life Of A Surveillance Operative

                                                                                                                                                As the security industry grows increasin ... (read more)

A day in the life of an event security manager

When managing large scale events for a company using unfamiliar venues the task will normally start a few months prior to the event with the coordination meetings. These can involve a whole myriad of specialists from the overall event manager, logisticians ... (read more)

A day in the life of an executive protection operator

Behind all the glitz and glam the day to day side of the job can often mean long hours, a lot of travel, monotonous hotel rooms and time away from family and friends. The task normally starts with an e-mail or phone call from a personal assistant (PA) with ... (read more)

An insight into close protection operations in Somalia

Here is an extract from my recent article published in the British Bodyguard Association Journal and The Circuit Magazine: Somalia, a lawless country located on the east coast of Africa, should be no stranger to anyone in the security industry. The hub of ... (read more)