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International affairs, your employment and being personable in executive protection

It is important that as a security operator you understand the theory behind the role in which you are employed. That way you can ensure how you operate is adapted to the changing situation, threat level or country you are working in. Equally important thr ... (read more)

UK Close Protection Myth or Reality?

This blog was posted on behalf of Shaun Gowland, Managing Director or Risk Contained ( It’s cold, I’m walking across heavy snow it’s around -8, the mountains around me are looking beautiful and all I want is a cup of ... (read more)

Beginners Guide to Close Personal Protection

A fantastic blog by Adam Green of A G Security Solutions, Thank you once again for taking the time to read my articles, the amount of feedback I receive is overwhelming and I thank you all very much indeed. I have tried my ... (read more)

“The professional Close Protection Operative Vs. The shirt filler/people mover”

The term "professional Close Protection Operative" should tell you everything about the evolution of executive security details & the industry. Goons or people movers/shirt fillers as I like to refer to them, in black turtleneck jumpers and bomber ja ... (read more)

Eating healthily while on a CP/Security task

So I’m writing this because I think it’s a missed out area that we never talk about and should really.  Eating healthy while on a CP/security task can be hard to do but hopefully with tips and advice it can be done. Before I start this I’d like you ... (read more)

New to CP but not the Security industry

After some ten or more years within the Security industry with a background in Aviation and Door supervisor licensed roles and a spell as management at the 2012 Olympics I have recently decided to enrol in a Close Protection course. Any security operative ... (read more)

Working as a Close Protection Operative – CPO

The Security Industry Authority state that the role of the Close Protection Officer is to establish and maintain a safe working environment in which a Principal can live and work whilst continuously minimising risk.Working as a Close Protection Operative, ... (read more)

Thinkers, Shooters?

For some time now Close Protection in Hostile Enviroments has attracted ex forces for obvious reasons. They are generally well trained, before doing a CP course, in weapons, team work etc.. Lately the tide seems to be turning slightly, in that employers or ... (read more)

You've got to be in it to win it!!

Like many people in the Army the drawdown from Afghanistan coupled with the redundancy's and cost saving alongside the prospect of spending the rest of my career doing Drill and CBRN I have decided to call it a day. I've spent a long time researching, talk ... (read more)

Executive Protection - More than Just Muscle.

Technically, still serving in the army, watching the clock tick down and entering my termination period, I had all my deck laid out. My giirlfried of 9 years had already set up in Dubai and was now very successful in her field of employment. She had made m ... (read more)