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Becoming disillusioned with the security industry!

After 15years involvement in the security industry, I decided to undertake in full time education, I recently gained a FDA in Security management and a BTEC level 5 Diploma in Security Management and I'm in the last year of a BA in Security and risk manage ... (read more)


Throughout my career to-date in the protective industry (RMP CP 2004-2012 and private sector since) I have been fortunate and driven to gain such qualifications as CTLLS, Conflict Management Instructor, L3 BTEC Protective Security, FPOS-I, Security Managem ... (read more)

Can a strong corporate culture in fact hinder implementation of a security strategy rather than support it?

Corporate culture has many definitions. It could be described as psychology, attitudes, experiences and beliefs of a company. It is the specific collection of strong values that are shared by people and groups within an organization (Brand tool box, 2014). ... (read more)

Why did Prince Charles's royal car drive into the London 2010 riots?

Evaluate and discuss what security measures should have been taken to avoid Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles been driven into the London riots in 2010. Prior to 1997, Britain’s students paid very little in the way of university tuition fees as th ... (read more)

Security Management Level 7 Diploma

SECURITY MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE (LEVEL 7) The course is conducted online but you have access to the tutors, either over the phone, using Skype or online so they are there to help you, plus there is a good community formed with the other students who come f ... (read more)

Why do organisations find it difficult to understand threats and risk

The current business landscape is moving at a faster pace than it ever has. Technological advances combined with political, sociological and environmental instability has meant organisations have rapidly had to change the way they operate, 'giving many CEO ... (read more)

What are the difficulties embedding security into an organisation

One of the most challenging aspect of embedding security into an organisation is changing the perceptions of security and especially that of the corporate managements view. But this works both ways and it is important that the corporate security department ... (read more)