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The Security Advisor Top Ten Cover E-mail Tips

The aim of your cover e-mail is to get the person reading it to go on and read your CV. Here are The Security Advisor top ten cover e-mail tips: 1. Do your research, look at the company website or their social media feeds so you can see what style of writi ... (read more)

The Security Advisor top ten interview tips

Over the past two weeks I have been interviewing potential candidates for two security based roles for an organisation that is expanding its workforce. There were minimal candidates for each role due to it being quite specialist and the salary was good, si ... (read more)

What is networking?

Network, network, network, it's a term we hear all the time, but what does it actually mean, and how many people are doing it effectively? In its most basic form it's the use of the various professional and social media streams such as LinkedIn, facebook a ... (read more)

The Security Advisor Top Ten CV Tips

Over the past two weeks i have recruited for a number of roles. One position was a Security Manager role for a retail organisation and the other maritime operators for a company which has considerably expanded its operation. The situation for both roles wa ... (read more)

The Security Advisor brief at the Close Protection World event

INTRODUCTION For those of you that don't know me my name is Tom Richmond. I have a background in close protection starting with the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit conducting hostile environment close protection. I then worked with a client of ... (read more)

How to increase your chances of success in finding employment

When you are out of work your full time job becomes finding employment. Therefore you should structure it that way. The vast majority of people look for work in exactly the same way, by sitting in front of the computer and trawling the internet. Instead, e ... (read more)

How to use social media to find employment

Social media plays an active part in most people's lives. It is becoming an ever more important tool in helping people find employment. Companies like G4S actively use Twitter to advertise jobs, there is a myriad of facebook groups based around employment ... (read more)

How to be successful during the interview process

The interview can be a daunting experience and it is important that you prepare for it to ensure that your nerves don't get the better of you, and you articulate yourself as you would like to. The interview could be between you and up to three people depen ... (read more)

3 Year Career Action Plans

It is essential that you plan your career in the security industry, setting yourself an ultimate goal and outlining how you are going to go about achieving this. This can be something specific such as being a security consultant or close protection team le ... (read more)

How to write a cover e-mail

Your cover letter, or cover e-mail as it has now become, should be a high level summary of your whole CV and must be tailored, like your CV, to the role you are applying for. The cover letter is your introduction to a company or recruiter and in order for ... (read more)