Maritime Security

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Anti Piracy Methods For Ships

The impact of Piracy on the international community is difficult to ascertain, yet the monetary and human cost is certainly far too high. Piracy sadly continues to thrive, and there has been a marked rise in attacks and kidnappings over the last decade. Th ... (read more)

Maritme Security

I came into this industry a few years ago, having completed all the mandatory courses that were required for us to do, to date they are. SSO, PFSO. FCC, CVVSA, SRM, AND MSO, and maybe a few more, will have to go through the vast collection of certs? Having ... (read more)

Protective Clothing for Maritime Security Operatives

Maritime Security has become increasingly important as international shipping continues to grow and make up the vast majority of world trade. Providing protection for this vital part of our economy is also becoming more and more dangerous as Piracy continu ... (read more)