My Career So Far

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My Career So Far

I started off in the industry in 2006 following completion of my close protection course with the Military Police Close Protection Unit, eight weeks of intense theory, drills and fitness. There's no secrets, the syllabus is all available online as with any ... (read more)

Career in Law Enforcement.

I started my career in Law Enforcement in 2009, prior to that I worked at a Kitchen Cabinet manufacturing plant as a Department Manager. One of the pre requirements to joining the Correctional Service of Canada was "you need a degree".. OR you must have al ... (read more)

My career so far

I was studying military history at Salford Uni when I decided to join the TA. That was in 2003. I was a Kingsman in the Ardwick barracks of what was then the Kings and Cheshire Regiment. I loved it and wanted more. As I looked into it more I realised I cou ... (read more)

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.............

Well, not exactly in another galaxy.........but it was a long time ago! I began my Security career working in South Yorkshire for a Company which was formed on the back of the Miners Strikes - I worked on many assignments, long hours, very little pay - I r ... (read more)

My experience trying to enter this career,

I’ve always wanted to do close protection since the year 2000, I left the forces in 2001 to donate a kidney to my older brother then had to take care of my mother and brother while my mother was dying of cancer. after all this had passed I decided to sta ... (read more)

My views and experience

My view on the security industry is one of mixed feelings.ive been in the game for 20+ years and over the last few years have seen a rise in jacket fillers working in all aspects of security from retail to Doorwork To CPO's..........I know I'm not alone on ... (read more)

The old chestnut

I left the Army in November last year and I initially tried looking at HSE within the O&G industry. I did my NEBOSH as well as my NEBOSH O&G course, I didn't do any of the odd shore courses as it was round this time I found that no O&G company ... (read more)

My Career

My name is Neil and I almost began my commercial security career in 2003, at the outbreak of the second Gulf War. I was then serving with the now disbanded London District Provost Company, in Rochester Row, close to Victoria Station. A friend of mine from ... (read more)

David Holdsworth - Blog

I am new to the industry after completing my CP course with a Northern Ireland company and I am actively seeking work. I became interested in the circuit years ago as I followed the career of a friend of mine who had done a few years in the Green Jackets a ... (read more)

Intro: Kinda new to to this !

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Visioneer, one of the mods on CPW, and try to advise on what's technically possible, legal, and achievable, on a modest (no) budget. ie: yours. I'm also renowned for sarcasm, short fuse, and other anti-social tenden ... (read more)