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How can you protect your principal abroad without speaking the local language?

Possibly a tricky question but it meant to sound interesting. There is always exeptions to rules (I know) but I bumped into a "CPO" (without mil/LE background) who assured me that he was working for an extended period of time in Spain without speaking the ... (read more)

Security so far

I'm new the industry having only got my CP licence back in May 2014. So far I have been really lucky and have been working since my licence came through, but I've picked up a few things along the way which I though I'd share: It really is all about network ... (read more)

Advice for current serving soldiers.

A quick introduction from myself and a brief outline of my background. My name is Michael and I am 25 years old from Manchester, United Kingdom. I am an ex regular (now a reservist) where I served for just under 7 years in the Corps of Royal Engineers. I c ... (read more)

Work Your way up

After leaving the Marines at the end of 2012 and obtaining my CP Licence at the begining of 2013 I expected to find a CP job quickly given my background and experience, however as time went on it became clear to me that this was not going to be the case an ... (read more)

Army to Civilan contractor

I left the Army after completing 8yrs within the RMP. I have been in the security industry now for just over 3yrs. So far, the industry has been ok to me and I have been fortunate enough to have had consistent employment. For anyone just leaving the Milita ... (read more)

An Update & Free Courses...

Looking down the 'Blog' list you'll see that I was one of the first to register with Tom and upload a Blog. I gave a bit of info about my background and outlined, quite strongly, the need for individuals to get formally qualified, from an educational point ... (read more)