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Which Types of Body Armour are used across the Security Sector?

Across the security industry, personnel face various risks from time to time. Regardless of your role, you may encounter dangerous individuals looking to cause you harm, perhaps because you stand in the way of something they need, or because you're attempt ... (read more)

A Guide to Bullet Proof Vests for Close Protection Specialists from Safe Guard Armour

Close protection operators (or bodyguards, as they're otherwise known) provide vulnerable clients with personal security at all times. While films, books, and television programmes have given most of us a specific idea of how bodyguards work, the job may n ... (read more)

Stab Proof Vests for Close Protection Work

Wearing the Right Stab Proof Vest for Close Protection Security Work Close-protection operatives (otherwise known as bodyguards) provide a vital service to many people across the globe. To help their clients stay as safe as possible, bodyguards must be pre ... (read more)