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Effective Teaching Tips for Teachers

If you are a professional teacher, you know the pain of looking for different ways in which you can get the best of your students without losing your cool. At times, things might get out of hand. In such situations, you should read this post and keep calm. ... (read more)

so many training providers

How do you choose the right training provider? Who has attended an SIA training course but have actually never yet done a day’s CP work in their lives? How many months or years has it been since your course or, if you have worked, since your last operati ... (read more)

Reaching out to tier 1 medics

Fellow medics, As a passionate paramedic with a professional interest in developing tactical medical courses, I would like to consult with you all in regards to the future of the industry in general, and in particular your thoughts on the courses you have ... (read more)

Raising the standard of CP training

For several years now there has been a groundswell of opinion within the industry that the 12-14 day SIA compiant CP courses just weren't adequate for this highly specialised role. Having worked for several training providers and having my hands tied by th ... (read more)

Which Training Provider?

One of the questions I am always asked from people entering the Close Protection sector is which Close Protection Training Provider should I use?There are many out there, some are GOOD, some are BAD but how can you tell before you part with your hard earne ... (read more)

How to choose a training provider

There are so many training providers out there so how do you choose the one for you. There are a number of different factors that you need to take into account and it's important that you choose one that meets your specific needs and not necessarily entire ... (read more)