At The Security Advisor we receive hundreds of CV's every year and one thing that really surprises us is the complete randomness of a lot of them. Police men who all of a sudden want to embark on a career in maritime security, taxi drivers who want to work in hostile environments, London born and bred ex soldiers who want to work in Europe or teachers who want to start a career in surveillance. Now there's nothing to say that this won't happen, but it's a tough industry and to give yourself a fighting chance of working consistently for the better money, then why not play to your strengths rather than opt for a complete change of direction. 

One thing this randomness does confirm to us, is the majority of people start their path into the security industry without any real planning or preparation into the area of the industry that they want to gain employment in. This planning phase should start at least six months before you aim to start that transition and begins with something that costs no money, research. Until you fully understand exactly what you want to do and why, the realistic chance of you gaining employment in that area of the industry and exactly what you need to do to achieve it, then you're squandering your time and money away into something with no real clear direction.

Many people contact us and ask for advice on how to get into an area of the security industry as they have no experience or qualifications in that field.........

"Will it be difficult to gain employment"    "How do i go about getting the skills necessary"     "Have I got a chance as I left school with no qualifications"     "I've no experience in security so will employers even read my CV"

It's all about your transferable skills, experience and qualifications and making them attributable to the career that you want to embark on. 

If you're a police officer, you might not have been armed, worked on tactical units or received commendations for bravery. But you might have good experience doing investigations and putting case files together, watching subjects prior to ops and have qualifications in advanced driving or skills in negotiation. So maybe a career in surveillance would make the most sense.

If you're a taxi driver, rather than ask what hostile course would give you the best opportunity for hostile environment employment, whether you'll need a weapons course or if MIRA or FREC is the new industry medical norm. How about looking at a security driving course and expanding on the skills you already have. Which makes your prior experience more attributable to that area of security rather than starting all over again and playing the hostile environment gamble.

London is the UK close protection hub, yet most operators travel there from outside of the M25 and don't have that intricate knowledge needed to provide a 5* service. So if you're London born and bred, make that your niche, become the subject matter expert security companies want to come to when they have their most prestigious clients. Rather than working away in a new unfamiliar location and becoming the same as the majority of operators working in London who have only limited knowledge of the city they'll spend the most time in when conducting UK close protection.

If you're a teacher looking for a career outside of the classroom, then use your experience working with children and look at the UK high net worth client scene and combine your prior experience with a close protection course. That way not just giving the client peace of mind over their child's safety but making yourself more employable by showing you could also educate and develop them.

You might not have experience in the security industry but you've got so much to offer as long as you play to your strengths. Don't become one of the masses with low level qualifications and sporadic experience in many different areas of the industry. With prior planning and preparation before embarking on that journey, making your previous experience, qualifications and skills attributable, you can achieve your potential and calve out a niche to give yourself consistent well paid employment.

All employment advice is free at The Security Advisor so get in touch and work with us to start mapping out your career. Start that research phase by reading some of our excellent blogs.


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