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Which Types of Body Armour are used across the Security Sector?

Across the security industry, personnel face various risks from time to time. Regardless of your role, you may encounter dangerous individuals looking to cause you harm, perhaps because you stand in the way of something they need, or because you're attempt ... (read more)

A Guide to Bullet Proof Vests for Close Protection Specialists from Safe Guard Armour

Close protection operators (or bodyguards, as they're otherwise known) provide vulnerable clients with personal security at all times. While films, books, and television programmes have given most of us a specific idea of how bodyguards work, the job may n ... (read more)

Stab Proof Vests for Close Protection Work

Wearing the Right Stab Proof Vest for Close Protection Security Work Close-protection operatives (otherwise known as bodyguards) provide a vital service to many people across the globe. To help their clients stay as safe as possible, bodyguards must be pre ... (read more)

A day in the life of an event security manager

When managing large scale events for a company using unfamiliar venues the task will normally start a few months prior to the event with the coordination meetings. These can involve a whole myriad of specialists from the overall event manager, logisticians ... (read more)

The Security Advisor top ten interview tips

Over the past two weeks I have been interviewing potential candidates for two security based roles for an organisation that is expanding its workforce. There were minimal candidates for each role due to it being quite specialist and the salary was good, si ... (read more)

How to choose a training provider

There are so many training providers out there so how do you choose the one for you. There are a number of different factors that you need to take into account and it's important that you choose one that meets your specific needs and not necessarily entire ... (read more)

A day in the life of an executive protection operator

Behind all the glitz and glam the day to day side of the job can often mean long hours, a lot of travel, monotonous hotel rooms and time away from family and friends. The task normally starts with an e-mail or phone call from a personal assistant (PA) with ... (read more)

What is networking?

Network, network, network, it's a term we hear all the time, but what does it actually mean, and how many people are doing it effectively? In its most basic form it's the use of the various professional and social media streams such as LinkedIn, facebook a ... (read more)

The Security Advisor Top Ten CV Tips

Over the past two weeks i have recruited for a number of roles. One position was a Security Manager role for a retail organisation and the other maritime operators for a company which has considerably expanded its operation. The situation for both roles wa ... (read more)

The Security Advisor brief at the Close Protection World event

INTRODUCTION For those of you that don't know me my name is Tom Richmond. I have a background in close protection starting with the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit conducting hostile environment close protection. I then worked with a client of ... (read more)