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International affairs, your employment and being personable in executive protection

It is important that as a security operator you understand the theory behind the role in which you are employed. That way you can ensure how you operate is adapted to the changing situation, threat level or country you are working in. Equally important thr ... (read more)

Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance or “K&R” as it is often referred to as, is designed to protect individuals, families and corporations operating anywhere in the world for whom Kidnap & Ransom may be a very real risk.  We have been helping clients t ... (read more)


At The Security Advisor we receive hundreds of CV's every year and one thing that really surprises us is the complete randomness of a lot of them. Police men who all of a sudden want to embark on a career in maritime security, taxi drivers who want to work ... (read more)

UK Close Protection Myth or Reality?

This blog was posted on behalf of Shaun Gowland, Managing Director or Risk Contained ( It’s cold, I’m walking across heavy snow it’s around -8, the mountains around me are looking beautiful and all I want is a cup of ... (read more)

Effective Teaching Tips for Teachers

If you are a professional teacher, you know the pain of looking for different ways in which you can get the best of your students without losing your cool. At times, things might get out of hand. In such situations, you should read this post and keep calm. ... (read more)

Beginners Guide to Close Personal Protection

A fantastic blog by Adam Green of A G Security Solutions, Thank you once again for taking the time to read my articles, the amount of feedback I receive is overwhelming and I thank you all very much indeed. I have tried my ... (read more)

Professional Indemnity for Security Consultants – Explained

Professional Indemnity for Security Consultants – Explained As a security consultant, you provide a vital service to your clients. You’re often trusted to make significant contributions to your clients’ business and you’re expected to be experts i ... (read more)

My Career So Far

I started off in the industry in 2006 following completion of my close protection course with the Military Police Close Protection Unit, eight weeks of intense theory, drills and fitness. There's no secrets, the syllabus is all available online as with any ... (read more)

“The professional Close Protection Operative Vs. The shirt filler/people mover”

The term "professional Close Protection Operative" should tell you everything about the evolution of executive security details & the industry. Goons or people movers/shirt fillers as I like to refer to them, in black turtleneck jumpers and bomber ja ... (read more)

Do Sub-Contractors need their own insurance?

At CJ Insurance we understand the security industry and therefore we appreciate quite often the team is put together with various individuals. These individuals are providing a sub-contracting service for the hours, days or weeks required rather than ful ... (read more)