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Who's Protecting You?

This blog was posted on behalf of Shaun Gowland, Managing Director or Risk Contained ( After 5 days of intense and demanding training aimed at the Personal Protection Officer, who has left their ego behind and realised thei ... (read more)

What To Do In The Event Of A Terrorist Attack

This blog was posted on behalf of Shaun Gowland, Managing Director or Risk Contained ( After being asked numerous times by various people for advice on what to do whilst caught in a terrorist attack, I thought it would be g ... (read more)

The recent and historical tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran explained

A fantastic blog from Daniel Jenkinson on the recent and historical tension between Saudi Arabi and Iran. Sunni Muslims pitched against Shia Muslims. After Prophet Muhammad died, a branch of Islam was created (Shia) and thus the mainstream Sunnis were now ... (read more)


I PERSONALY THINK THE Idea of the SIA is a good one, it has cleaned up the industry, brought everyone in line so we all should be singing from the same song sheet no matter what badge you have, the industry needed this I thought about Door Work when I cam ... (read more)

Want to Start a Security Company? Got what it REALLY takes?

So everyone and their dog thinks that they can start a "Security Company" and make money by taking "the initiative" and stealing a security contract from someone else and making a decent share of money for themselves and others involved. I have owned a Sec ... (read more)

Medical kits - do not neglect them

Having packed, unpacked and re-packed for my move to Dubai, I had to make the decision as to what to leave behind due to weight limitations. Cameras are almost obsolete due to the advancement of smart phones, so that, along with batteries and other ancilla ... (read more)

Why Do Secret Service Agents Always Touch Their Ears?

When you see American secret service agents on TV or in films, have you noticed that they are always touching their ears? Well, at least one of our customers did and asked me to find out why. In the ‘Matrix’ movies, Agent Smith and co touched their e ... (read more)

Loss prevention

Going back to my roots so I'm up for interview for a job as a loss prevention officer at a major clothes retailer here in N.Ireland, had my telephone interview last week and passed so now I'm having my face to face interview tomorrow, so I'm just running t ... (read more)

Career in Law Enforcement.

I started my career in Law Enforcement in 2009, prior to that I worked at a Kitchen Cabinet manufacturing plant as a Department Manager. One of the pre requirements to joining the Correctional Service of Canada was "you need a degree".. OR you must have al ... (read more)

Time Management for the Security Professional

Working as a self-employed security professional can be very rewarding but it can also take over your life at times if you let it! I have found one of the most useful skills needed, which is not taught on any Bodyguard course is that of time management. ... (read more)