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Career in Law Enforcement.

I started my career in Law Enforcement in 2009, prior to that I worked at a Kitchen Cabinet manufacturing plant as a Department Manager. One of the pre requirements to joining the Correctional Service of Canada was "you need a degree".. OR you must have al ... (read more)

Time Management for the Security Professional

Working as a self-employed security professional can be very rewarding but it can also take over your life at times if you let it! I have found one of the most useful skills needed, which is not taught on any Bodyguard course is that of time management. ... (read more)

My career so far

I was studying military history at Salford Uni when I decided to join the TA. That was in 2003. I was a Kingsman in the Ardwick barracks of what was then the Kings and Cheshire Regiment. I loved it and wanted more. As I looked into it more I realised I cou ... (read more)

Security so far

I'm new the industry having only got my CP licence back in May 2014. So far I have been really lucky and have been working since my licence came through, but I've picked up a few things along the way which I though I'd share: It really is all about network ... (read more)

so many training providers

How do you choose the right training provider? Who has attended an SIA training course but have actually never yet done a day’s CP work in their lives? How many months or years has it been since your course or, if you have worked, since your last operati ... (read more)

Becoming disillusioned with the security industry!

After 15years involvement in the security industry, I decided to undertake in full time education, I recently gained a FDA in Security management and a BTEC level 5 Diploma in Security Management and I'm in the last year of a BA in Security and risk manage ... (read more)

New to CP but not the Security industry

After some ten or more years within the Security industry with a background in Aviation and Door supervisor licensed roles and a spell as management at the 2012 Olympics I have recently decided to enrol in a Close Protection course. Any security operative ... (read more)

The security guarding side of things

Being a security officer never seems to change its the same thing day in day out and it appears to be getting worse no disrespect to anyone who got there license for the Glasgow commonwealth games 2014 but these guys and girls appear to be disillusioned by ... (read more)

4* Service vs. 5* Service

People in all sorts of businesses, from small and large office based companies, convenience stores, cafes to sporting teams are always expected to perform well as individuals and as a group to hit targets and win games or matches. My article however is abo ... (read more)


I totaly agree with the comments in the last post regarding the "fast tracked" staff used at the games. My house is actualy next door to the Athlete's village in Dalmarnock and when I say close I'm talking less than 20 feet away!!! So as you can imagine we ... (read more)