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Reaching out to tier 1 medics

Fellow medics, As a passionate paramedic with a professional interest in developing tactical medical courses, I would like to consult with you all in regards to the future of the industry in general, and in particular your thoughts on the courses you have ... (read more)

Raising the standard of CP training

For several years now there has been a groundswell of opinion within the industry that the 12-14 day SIA compiant CP courses just weren't adequate for this highly specialised role. Having worked for several training providers and having my hands tied by th ... (read more)

My first job

                                                                                                                                                                          ... (read more)

Which Training Provider?

One of the questions I am always asked from people entering the Close Protection sector is which Close Protection Training Provider should I use?There are many out there, some are GOOD, some are BAD but how can you tell before you part with your hard earne ... (read more)

Working as a Close Protection Operative – CPO

The Security Industry Authority state that the role of the Close Protection Officer is to establish and maintain a safe working environment in which a Principal can live and work whilst continuously minimising risk.Working as a Close Protection Operative, ... (read more)

Advice for current serving soldiers.

A quick introduction from myself and a brief outline of my background. My name is Michael and I am 25 years old from Manchester, United Kingdom. I am an ex regular (now a reservist) where I served for just under 7 years in the Corps of Royal Engineers. I c ... (read more)

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.............

Well, not exactly in another galaxy.........but it was a long time ago! I began my Security career working in South Yorkshire for a Company which was formed on the back of the Miners Strikes - I worked on many assignments, long hours, very little pay - I r ... (read more)

My experience trying to enter this career,

I’ve always wanted to do close protection since the year 2000, I left the forces in 2001 to donate a kidney to my older brother then had to take care of my mother and brother while my mother was dying of cancer. after all this had passed I decided to sta ... (read more)

Thinkers, Shooters?

For some time now Close Protection in Hostile Enviroments has attracted ex forces for obvious reasons. They are generally well trained, before doing a CP course, in weapons, team work etc.. Lately the tide seems to be turning slightly, in that employers or ... (read more)

You've got to be in it to win it!!

Like many people in the Army the drawdown from Afghanistan coupled with the redundancy's and cost saving alongside the prospect of spending the rest of my career doing Drill and CBRN I have decided to call it a day. I've spent a long time researching, talk ... (read more)