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My views and experience

My view on the security industry is one of mixed feelings.ive been in the game for 20+ years and over the last few years have seen a rise in jacket fillers working in all aspects of security from retail to Doorwork To CPO's..........I know I'm not alone on ... (read more)

The old chestnut

I left the Army in November last year and I initially tried looking at HSE within the O&G industry. I did my NEBOSH as well as my NEBOSH O&G course, I didn't do any of the odd shore courses as it was round this time I found that no O&G company ... (read more)


Throughout my career to-date in the protective industry (RMP CP 2004-2012 and private sector since) I have been fortunate and driven to gain such qualifications as CTLLS, Conflict Management Instructor, L3 BTEC Protective Security, FPOS-I, Security Managem ... (read more)

How Do You Keep Yourself Safe Over The Christmas Period

Whilst we certainly enjoy this time of cheer, we can sometimes lose our usual sense of caution, as we throw ourselves headfirst into parties, Christmas meals and the general frenetic preparations for that one-day. Sadly, it’s also a time where crime incl ... (read more)

Executive Protection - More than Just Muscle.

Technically, still serving in the army, watching the clock tick down and entering my termination period, I had all my deck laid out. My giirlfried of 9 years had already set up in Dubai and was now very successful in her field of employment. She had made m ... (read more)

7 months in

I like many others was "lured" into the circuit by the prospect of earning good, tax-free (hopefully) cash. I left my unit in October of last year and am now 7 months into a 12 month contract in Iraq. Lucky, fortunate, right place - right time. You can pro ... (read more)

My Career

My name is Neil and I almost began my commercial security career in 2003, at the outbreak of the second Gulf War. I was then serving with the now disbanded London District Provost Company, in Rochester Row, close to Victoria Station. A friend of mine from ... (read more)

Close Protection - A Specialist Industry...?

Conducting an infantry role in a non-infantry unit did not appeal to me. I had only been in the Army a couple of years but I wanted to be surrounded by keen soldiers doing a professional soldiering role at the very best the British Army can provide. I was ... (read more)

Trying to get into HECP

I am a 28 years old serving Police officer based in Scotland, looking to get into the HECP circuit. I first looked at doing a close protection course in South America when I was 16, but quickly realised I needed a lot more life experience. Since then I've ... (read more)

Work Your way up

After leaving the Marines at the end of 2012 and obtaining my CP Licence at the begining of 2013 I expected to find a CP job quickly given my background and experience, however as time went on it became clear to me that this was not going to be the case an ... (read more)