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David Holdsworth - Blog

I am new to the industry after completing my CP course with a Northern Ireland company and I am actively seeking work. I became interested in the circuit years ago as I followed the career of a friend of mine who had done a few years in the Green Jackets a ... (read more)

Intro: Kinda new to to this !

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Visioneer, one of the mods on CPW, and try to advise on what's technically possible, legal, and achievable, on a modest (no) budget. ie: yours. I'm also renowned for sarcasm, short fuse, and other anti-social tenden ... (read more)

Beating the trend

After 6 years with the Royal Military Police and numerous Close Protection tours, I made the decision at a younger than normal age to leave the military and pursue a career in the security industry. Over the past two years since leaving the RMP, I have bee ... (read more)

Army to Civilan contractor

I left the Army after completing 8yrs within the RMP. I have been in the security industry now for just over 3yrs. So far, the industry has been ok to me and I have been fortunate enough to have had consistent employment. For anyone just leaving the Milita ... (read more)

Far from the madding crowd.

As a skinny gawky teenager I could never comprehend in a million years what my future job role would entail or that I would be able to eject equivalent of two rugby teams' worth of drunk and violent men with just four colleagues to back me up. But just a f ... (read more)

Someone to watch over me..............

It’s 1230 on the 27th October 2015 and Julie Medina is returning by plane from a business trip from Monaco. She booked the flight at the last minute with a male colleague, but the pair asked not to be seated together as both preferred the window seat. ... (read more)

Here to Help

Good morning all-as the new kid on the block I would like to introduce myself. I'm a Paramedic with a fair amount of experience within the security sector, I manage a medical training company based in Glasgow and Heathrow.  I'm very fortunate to be surrou ... (read more)

An Update & Free Courses...

Looking down the 'Blog' list you'll see that I was one of the first to register with Tom and upload a Blog. I gave a bit of info about my background and outlined, quite strongly, the need for individuals to get formally qualified, from an educational point ... (read more)

Where Is Your Line In The Sand?

As this industry becomes even more demanding on us fortunate enough to be within it's grasp it is, as we are all aware by now, becoming more and more common for us to be asked to do more for less. Whether it be more weeks on rotation for the same money, or ... (read more)

From RMP to Civilian.

I served in the RMP for 7 years and consider myself to have had a successful career, achieving what very few have. Having served in Iraq on two extremely challenging tours, I then volunteered for anything I could. My section was selected to go to Belize fo ... (read more)