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What next for a 30 year career ex-cop David Lee Age 51 0 years in Security Industry

My name is Dave, I am 51 years old and retired from a large provincial English police force in January 2013 having served 30 years. I finished as Detective Sergeant having been promoted in 2002. The majority of my career, 25 years, was spent as a Detective ... (read more)

New too the Industry "IN AT THE DEEP END"

Making that choice to leave the army, especially after nearly 14 years service, is no easy decision and definitely not one to be taken lightly. My thought process and planning had been put into place a good while before I carried out the series of clicks o ... (read more)

Females In the CP World

After serving 15 years in the military with the Royal Signals and finishing off the REME as a mechanic. I was told there was a niche in the market for females in the hostile environment. So I chose to make the big decision of signing off and getting out in ... (read more)

Anti Piracy Methods For Ships

The impact of Piracy on the international community is difficult to ascertain, yet the monetary and human cost is certainly far too high. Piracy sadly continues to thrive, and there has been a marked rise in attacks and kidnappings over the last decade. Th ... (read more)

Which “Bus” Which “Rent A Car” and which “Airline” is for me

Please read my article giving an idea as to how we should contract with different logistic vendors and through which airline we should travel. Instead  vendors should decide (keeping their interest in mind) for our good or bad, we ourselves must work fo ... (read more)

As the regulator of the security industry, is the Security Industry Authority's stipulated minimum of 138 hours training time sufficient to train close protection operators to work in the UK

The recent London Olympic and Para Olympic games in 2012 generated the highest level of demand for close protection operators in the UK since licensing began in 2006 which led to a large influx of people training and obtaining licenses. The Security Indust ... (read more)

Insurance - Personal Accident & Hostile Enviroments

BROKER NAME: CJ Insurance (Clarke Jeffreys Insurance Brokers Ltd) INTRODUCTION: CJ Insurance is an Insurance Broker and Risk Management Consultancy that has been based in the Hereford for over 20 years. We have 10 years plus experience in assisting client ... (read more)

Insurance - Exclusive Security Scheme

WHO WE AREClarke Jeffreys Insurance Brokers Ltd has been established over 20 years, is FCA regulated and a trusted and recognised name for those involved in Training, RST, Executive Protection, Security Consultants and Close Protection Officers. We have ta ... (read more)

Maritme Security

I came into this industry a few years ago, having completed all the mandatory courses that were required for us to do, to date they are. SSO, PFSO. FCC, CVVSA, SRM, AND MSO, and maybe a few more, will have to go through the vast collection of certs? Having ... (read more)

A Day In The Life Of A Surveillance Operative

                                                                                                                                                As the security industry grows increasin ... (read more)