Reaching out to tier 1 medics

Fellow medics,

As a passionate paramedic with a professional interest in developing tactical medical courses, I would like to consult with you all in regards to the future of the industry in general, and in particular your thoughts on the courses you have been involved with.

As a training provider I am very aware that some of the skills that I "demonstrate" on courses don't reflect the role of the tier 1 medic and so have negligible benefit. For example;

Intravenous cannulation

Drug administration

Supra - glottic airway devices

Emergency cricothyroid membrane airway devices

This list is non-exhaustive, I'm sure there are other parts of different syllabi that are also worthy of this list.

I realise that for many of you a simple tick in the box is all that is required for your future employment prospects, I understand that having been in your shoes back in the midst of time. However, if together we can find out whats really necessary (on the ground) due to clinical governance and kit limitations then perhaps we can shape a more pertinent industry specific course thats "fit for purpose".

Having been involved at ground level since 2002 and with current world events being what they are, I really want you to have the BEST possible chance of delivering the BEST and most appropriate care to your clients and fellow operators.

Personally, I don't like the thought of wasting your time on irrelevant topics when we could be learning, discussing and drilling pertinent life saving techniques.

Please email me your thoughts -


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