The Security Advisor Top Ten Tips To Gaining Employment

It's not getting any easier to find employment in the security industry. Those that are being offered consistent work are putting a lot of effort into developing themselves to make them more employable and mastering the application process.

These are The Security Advisor top ten tips for gaining employment.

1. When jobs are advertised on social media, don't just say you're available, take the time to PM the person posting the role with a very short summary of your career and mention that you would like to send your CV to them. A short punchy profile from your CV is ideal for this but leave off the personal attributes and stick to the facts like the roles you have conducted, who for and time employed.

2. You have got to stand out from a very similar crowd so get a level 5 qualification or higher and learn a language, less than 1% of operators have either of these.

3. If the industry is all about who you know then get to know the right people. Keep contacting those who have influence in the industry or within operational companies until they take your call. A 30 minute meeting for an informal coffee is all that is needed to establish a relationship where you become one of their chosen operators who consistently receive calls with employment opportunities.

4. Work out what the next industry qualifications are going to be and get them before the masses do. Five years ago the only medical qualification needed was FAAW, then it was FPOS-I, then MIRA, ATOM and REMIT................. so what next?

5. Establish yourself a one, three and five year career plan which will make you focus on achieving your aims and goals rather than just letting your career develop without any real plan. Those that do this effectively will see much quicker progression in the industry than those that don't.

6. It might be controversial to some, but have your CV professionally written. It's no good having fantastic experience and qualifications if no one ever reads your CV, only 10% of CVs are ever read.

7. Work hard to master the application process. Always tailor a CV to a job description, check and re-check your punctuation, spelling and grammar before pressing the send button and always follow up with a phone call as less than 3% of people do this.

8. On task go above and beyond the standard that everyone else is working to, stand out for all the right reasons. Ensure the next time the TL has an opening for an operator that it's your phone they are ringing.

9. Become a student of the industry, educate yourself on where commercial security really started, the journey to where we are now and more importantly work out where it is going so you can preempt employment opportunities. Keep up to date by reading blogs, articles, journals, social media posts and stay abreast of current affairs that effect the industry.

10. Don't try to do it alone, work on finding employment with someone who is at a similar stage in the industry as you are. Share the job hunting process, check each others CV before sending them off, bounce ideas to gain employment off each other, attend different seminars or networking events but share the information you you gain. This is a very effective way of finding employment but very few people do it.

The Security Advisor website is one of the most comprehensive guides to gaining employment anywhere on the internet but it's all tailored to the security industry. It's free of charge and you'll find loads of advice on the points highlighted above with examples and step by step guides for you to use. If you really want to gain employment in the security industry then invest some time in yourself and make it happen.


Imtiaz Ahmad at 10:39pm on 19th July 2015

Very good site for giving real hope to the employment seekers and guiding them well and in a great professional way.

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